Beware of Fraud

Beware of Fraud!

For individuals offering / promoting products under the name of SMG / Sumber Mulia Group / Bursa Pancing / Sumber Mulia Fishindo / Terminal Pancing / Pusat Pancing or privately assuming the identity of SMG’s representative or staff.

Sumber Mulia Group (SMG) has 3 official sales centers in the city of Jakarta which are:

1. Bursa Pancing

Jl. Lodan | (+62) 21 6910050

2. Sumber Mulia

Jl. Tongkol | (+62) 21 6918030

3. Terminal Pancing

Artha Gading Mall | (+62) 21 45863887

And 1 official online sales center which is: /

Official contact information from SMG networks, including SMG’s official social media links, are listed in detail on SMG’s official website which is:

SMG’s official email address is:

SMG’s official WhatsApp number is: +62 85 857 147 147

Be advised! Don’t be deceived!

SMG will not offer any product or promotion without going through SMG’s official channels / numbers listed in this announcement as well as listed on SMG’s official website:

Double check before making a payment!

Transaction with Sumber Mulia Group (SMG) will only be done through these official bank accounts:

Pt. Sumber Mulia Fishindo

BCA 2409999993
Mandiri 1200083838222

Cv. Bursa Pancing

BCA 2400588999
Mandiri 12000010546062

Junaidi Wong

BCA 2400223168

Be smart! Be wise in your transactions!

If you received an offer via Email / SMS / WhatsApp / Phone using the name Sumber Mulia Group and its associated entities, please confirm the legitimacy with SMG’s hotline: (021) 69 100 50 or Email to:

SMG is not responsible for any and all transactions made with parties outside of SMG’s official networks detailed in this announcement.

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